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Idea of the Event


The main goal of the already traditional march of March 11 is to celebrate Lithuania‘s Independence Day, to pay our respect for those who fought for it, and to encourage the new generations.

The Independence Day march is a celebration of the patriotic youth, which used to celebrate it informally for years.
The beginning of the tradition is the year of 2000, when the fan-club of Vilnius „Žalgiris“ football team and an informall circle of the „Skinhead“ movement marched from Sereikiškės park to the former Railroad Workers Palace (Geležinkeliečių rūmai), where a rock concert took place, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Lithuania‘s Independence Day. At that time the number of participants in the march was very little – only about fifty people, but every year the number grew.

In the year of 2008 the government and – especially - anti-national cosmopolitic unions started putting pressure on the event, trying to slander and shut it down. The participants of the informal march were defended by Lithuanian National Centre (LNC) (Lietuvių tautinis centras – LTC), which was established in the same year and supports patriotic and national tradicions, as well as the right to celebrate them freely.

Since the year of 2009 the legal organizators of the march of the March 11 are the Lithuanian National Centre, Union of Lithuanian National Youth (Lietuvių tautinio jaunimo sąjunga – LTJS) and the informal organization National Front (Nacionalinis frontas).

LNC holds an opinion that a nation is a natural value, and a national state in its ethnic-historical territory – a fundamental right of every nation. LNC respects the history of Lithuania, therefore every citizen of Lithuania is precious - everyone, who regards Lithuania as his/her Homeland.

Lithuania was established and re-established on national, not cosmopolitic basis.

Lithuanian nation – not any other – is named in the preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania as the creator of the Lithuanian State:


-which has created the State of Lithuania through the ages,

-which based its legal activities by Lithuanian Statutes and Constitutions of the Republic of Lithuania,

-which defended its freedom and independence for centuries,

-which retained its spirit, mothertongue, alphabet and traditions,

-embodying the natural right of a human and a nation to live freely and to build on the land of its fathers and ancestors – the independant State of Lithuania,

-cherishing the national unity in the land of Lithuania,

-seeking for an open, just, harmonious civil society and a legal state, reborn by the will of the citizens of the State of Lithuania, accepts and declares this CONSTITUTION.

Article 2
The State of Lithuania is created by the Nation. The sovereignty belongs to the Nation.


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